The 6 Best Workout To Loss Weight In Swimming Pool

Even if it’s time to say goodbye to good weather, you don’t have to say goodbye to the pool. Both for fun and to get fit. And the pool is a perfect space to get in shape beyond practicing swimming. A good swimming workout routine will help you to loss weight. It’s a great way to get high-intensity exercise using the resistance of the water. With less muscle heaviness and in a fresh and fun way.

swimming pool exercises for seniors
swimming pool exercises for seniors


There are a large number of aqua gym exercises you can do in the pool. You can try creating your swimming pool workout routine to loss weight. These exercises are perfect for completing a varied training. But you can remove or add as you see fit.

In any case, the important thing is that you combine different in pool exercises that help you work in other areas of the body. And that they combine cardio and strength exercises. Thus, you can burn calories and improve muscle tone at the same time.

1.On-site run

pool workout for weight loss
pool workout for weight loss

The on-site run is one of the most straightforward swimming pool weight loss workout. You can do them next to the edge or in a central area. Of course, try to choose a place where you do not disturb the lengths of other users if any. It is also essential that the water covers you at least above the abdomen.

This exercise is as simple as sprinting without moving forward, staying in place. You must raise your knees to your chest, alternating one and the other. Try to do it as quickly as possible for 30-40 seconds, just like if you tried to run on land. It is one of the best pool exercises for knee pain.

2. Warp in water

pool exercises for abs
pool exercises for abs

Another of the exercises in the pool to work the legs is the rope. You can help yourself with a foam or polyethene churro to act as a rope if it is a question of doing exercises for the pool in a public place. They may not allow submerging this type of elements. In that case, it is enough to imitate these exercises in the pool without the need for an added feature.

The important thing about this exercise is to raise your legs in each jump, raising both simultaneously. You can do 15 jumps directing your knees towards your chest followed by 15 jumps back.

It is a demanding but beneficial exercise if what you are looking for are exercises in the pool that will help you loss weight.

3.Push the wall

pool walking exercises
pool walking exercises

There are also water exercises to do in the swimming pool to work the upper body. Pushing the wall is one of them.

To do this exercise, you must position yourself inside the pool, facing the curb. The water should cover your chest. Being about 50- 60cm from the wall, you should place the palms of your hand on the wall of the pool. Pushing this wall hard, you must push yourself to raise your body. Ideally, it would help if you rose until the entire trunk is above the water.

Perform 15 repetitions within a varied routine of workout in the pool to loss weight.

4.Bike in the water

swimming pool exercises for legs
swimming pool exercises for legs

It is one of the most classic aqua gym exercises. And very useful for working the legs as well as burning calories. You’ve probably seen many people do these pool exercises for legs.

With your back touching the pool wall, rest your elbows on the edge of the pool. Stretching your legs to lie in the water, raise your feet. Then, simulate the pedaling movement by taking your legs out and in the water. Also, you must contract the core at the same time.

Do a two-minute set at full power. You can repeat this exercise twice if you want to do a long pool exercise routine. But work another area of ​​the body between the two sets.

5.Side jumps

pool workout for weight loss
pool exercises for weight loss

Another of the exercises to do in the pool that should not be missing in a good routine are the side jumps. They are straightforward. But also very demanding.

This exercise consists of jumping laterally and alternately to the left and right. The legs and feet must remain together at all times. It would be best if you tried to raise the knees towards the chest, taking the maximum possible height. Use your arms to balance yourself. It is one of the best pool exercises for back pain and abs.

Do a set of 20 movements. Remember that the jump to the left and the jump back to the right form a single move. These jumps are a great way to burn calories.

6.Exercises to do in the pool with dumbbell

Exercises with dumbbell in water
Exercises with dumbbell in water

There are exercises to do in the pool with very interesting weights i.e. water dumbbell exercises. The problem? They are only suitable for private pools and aqua gym courses. These elements are rarely allowed to be worked in public pools. And, also, they would force you to carry your dumbbells to the pool. This is not exactly comfortable.

Are you lucky enough to have a private pool in which to train? Get yourself a set of water dumbbells. And include exercises with them in your routines.

  1. Do curls for two minutes. It would be best if you keep your whole body underwater except for the head. Do the curls precisely as you would on land.
  2. Keep your arms straight on each side of your body in an area of ​​the pool where the water covers you up to your neck. Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Push both dumbbells down through the water to touch your sides. And raise them until your arms are parallel to each other out of the water. Repeat for two minutes.
Abdominal exercises in pool

Combine these water exercises to do in the pool with the practice of swimming. It is a beneficial combination. They are demanding pool workouts to loss weight, but they will allow you to achieve good results in a short time. And that always encourages you to keep going. If you have the opportunity to do a pool exercises routine one day a week, don’t waste it. And if you can repeat it three days a week, even better.

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