6 Workout To Get Strong Abs At Home Check! Check! Check!

Are you worried that winter will come and catch you red-handed? Wondering how to get 6 pack abs? Start doing these abs workout at home and all the complexes will be removed while looking the best 6 Pack you can imagine.

ab workouts at home
ab workouts at home

The abdomen is an area of ​​the body highly sought after by many of you. And you know what? Anyone who performs the physical exercise, which includes a good isometric work, has a worked abdomen. Only that many times it is necessary to combine some factors to make it more attractive. What can we do?

The first! And the most important thing is not to get obsessed with “doing sit-ups”, since it is not only physical work. It is about eating a good diet. Yes, it is true that to achieve voluminous abs, it is necessary to include a localized work in the abdominal area since if a good pillar is not built, the abdomen will be thinner.

Some important points covered for abs workout at home for men and women

  • Sit-ups with raised-leg
  • The planking
  • Lift your weight
  • Leg elevation 90
  • Train your cardio as much as you can
  • The Bicycle

If what we are looking for is a flat stomach, without excess fat and a slight view of the abdominal muscles, apply these tips!

  • Include abdominal work routines three times a week, either with our weight or with an additional weight if the volume is sought.
  • Perform aerobic exercises during the week, favoring the elimination of liquids, increasing resistance and keeping the metabolism active.
  • Pilates, yoga, balance and isometric exercises to strengthen the core.

A visible abdomen is at your fingertips
What you serve on your plate will be your result.

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They are effective to get your 6 Pack, and there are many variations so that you do not always do the same. The basic abdominals require that you being stretched out on the floor on your back and with your knees raised to 60º.

With your hands near your temples, or crossed over your chest, raise your shoulders until you feel your abs are working. Exhale, return to the ground and repeat.


best ab workouts at home
best ab workouts at home

Planking is one of the most reliable and extremely simple and best abs workout at home. All you need is a flat surface, a little time, and fat to burn. This is one of the best abs workout, so we always recommend it when you ask us how to get well-marked abs.

Start with a position as if you are stretched out on the floor, but only with the balls of your feet and forearms touching the ground. Make sure you support your weight on these two limbs and keep your body as straight as possible at all times. You must hold in this position for as long as you are capable.

  • To increase the difficulty, you can try lifting one arm and one leg. It is about stretching the right arm and the left leg at the same time and holding in that position as long as you hold.
  • Another way to increase the difficulty of this exercise is to use a weighted vest to work more resistance.

There is also an inverted plate. I do this lying on your back, fully stretched, you must raise your legs a span and hold as long as possible. It seems easy huh because it is one of the most useful workout to get strong abs. I should note is that by doing this abs workout at home you will be able to eliminate the fat that remains below the entire abdomen. Yes, that which is so difficult to eliminate!


Take two objects that you can rest your elbows on and are at the same height. You should support your forearms on them. Then lift your legs off the ground and move up and down. But be careful not to slip or fall.


at home ab workout
at home ab workouts

This is another very effective abs exercises to do at home. You will be able to see how effective it is from the moment you start getting high. To position yourself correctly, lie on the floor with your head, back, and legs fully supported, and then place your hands under your buttocks.

Carefully lift your legs off the ground so they are together and 90 degrees off the ground. Your body should be in an “L” shape. Little by little, lift your waist off the ground and go down again. Repeat it several times and you will see how your abs will burn.


Set aside at least one day of the week to go for a run. Playing games from when we were a little like tag or hide and seek also burns calories. Or going for a run with your dog may be another good option and also make sure you drink plenty of water!

It is very important to perform cardio since it is when you burn more fat and exercise the entire body, both arms, legs, and abs.


abs workout
abs workout

One of the most mythical abs workout routine. This exercise can help you get abs in no time. And also, it is as simple as stretching on your back, lifting your legs and moving them as if you were pedaling a bicycle.

Put your hands behind your head, and each time you move one of your legs, try to touch that knee with the opposite elbow. In this way, you will ensure that you are performing the exercise well. Yes, if you raise your head so that the elbow and knee touch more easily, you will be cheating and it will be much more difficult to define the abdomen. Therefore, the head must always be in a straight line with the body.


lower abs workout at home
lower abs workout at home

These tips are very good to build abdominal muscles, but … and to see it? Is it enough to work it? For many girls, yes, but for those who tend to accumulate fat in this area, diet is essential. How? Very simple!

  • Say see you later! to foods with excess sugars, to those rich in saturated fats, avoid excess oils when you cook, and avoid soft drinks, not only because of the sugars they contain but because they cause belly swelling if they are gaseous.
  • Stay hydrated at all hours! Drinking 3 liters of water daily helps to eliminate fluids. If you have trouble drinking water, you can include infusions, tea …
  • Include a good portion of vegetables in your meals. Besides filling you up, they are very nutritious since they provide a lot of fiber.
  • Increase the intake of fruits rich in water.
  • Add protein to your dishes, you will be satisfied for longer and helping to rebuild muscle.

It’s difficult to be consistent at first, so start with a realistic goal. Stop asking yourself how to get abs and start training to achieve it with these 6 pack abs workout at home that we recommend. But little by little, you will see that you are capable of doing more and more. Let no one stop you!


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