Pre And Post Workout Stretches To Boost Your Flexibility

Today, the experts recommend warming (with stretching for all muscles), train, and stretches before and after workout.

All physical exercises performed, whether in a gym, at home, or in the open air, require stretching, especially of the muscles involved in the routine. A complete stretching chart should be part of your daily workout; Even without doing physical exercises, stretching benefits the body. Previously there was talk of warming up, workout, and stretching.


stretching exercises
Stretching exercises

If you are one of the people who already have a workout routine, it is worth knowing new workout and stretching practices. Still, suppose you are going to start training. In that case, it is best to start gradually, until you do exercises three days a week, at least, to improve and increase resistance.

The idea is that each routine includes cardio (swimming, running, cycling), lifting weights, well for arms, legs, and glutes, strengthening muscles, increasing muscle mass, burning fat, improving physical capacity, or whatever the goal is.


pre workout stretches
pre workout stretches
  1. Stand up straight, straighten one leg and raise it to the hips. Move your foot in and out of the air. Repeat with the opposite leg.
  2. Bring the foot to the ground, support the tip and move it circularly, in and out. Repeat the exercise with the opposite leg.
  3. To stretch the quadriceps, with one hand, take the foot on the same side by the instep, bring the heel to the gluteus, hold the posture for a few seconds. The hand pushes in, and the leg pushes out. Repeat the stretch with the opposite leg.
  4. Stretch the leg forward, support the heel, catch the tip of the foot with the hand on the same side, stretch and hold for six breaths. Press the heel against the ground, the foot well-stretched towards the sky and the hand pressing upwards. Repeat with the opposite foot.
  5. In a squatting position, clasp your hands and place your elbows inside your knees, pressing outward
  6. Stretch one leg forward, and with the back, once well-stretched, try to bring the knee to the ground while bending the leg that is forward. Hold the pose with your pelvis contracted and breathing gently. You count to eight and then repeat the stretch with the opposite leg.

Remember that stretching activates your muscles and gets them ready for exercise. They are one of the best pre workout stretches.


post workout stretches
post workout stretches
  1. Open your legs, extend your arms to the sides and bring your right arm over your left foot. While raising your left arm back, hold the posture for a few seconds and do the same with the opposite leg and arm.
  2. With your legs spread, bend one side and stretch the other, placing both hands on the bent knee. You hold the posture for a few seconds and repeat the stretch with the opposite leg.
  3. You raise your arms to the sky, lower the left one, cross it behind your back, and keep your hand palm outwards. The right arm is bent behind the head, and you grasp the tips of the fingers of both hands, making tension. Repeat the stretch in the opposite direction.
  4. Stretching one leg forward, you grasp the pointed foot with the hand on the same side. The heel presses down, you stretch the foot up, and the hand presses back. You hold the stretch for a few seconds and repeat it with the opposite foot.
  5. With your legs open, you stretch your spine toward the sky and bend your waist (not your spine) until your hands touch the ground. Make a touch forward, one in the center and one back. Repeat the movement three or four times, then stay with your waist bent for a few seconds, relaxing your back.
  6. Repeat the quadriceps stretch routine for both legs.
  7. Stretch your body and raise your arms towards the sky while inhaling deeply; on exhaling. You bend forward, rounding the spine and placing both hands crossed behind the neck. Stretch, drop your arms, repeat the inhale and the spine stretch.
  8. You shake your arms and finish the stretch.

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stretching exercises for beginners
Stretching exercises for beginners

While stretching does not prevent sore muscles caused by an intense exercise routine, it gives muscle elasticity and makes it relax more naturally.

  • Stretching improves the elasticity of the joints and relaxes the muscles.
  • They improve posture, thus avoiding pain and muscle tension.
  • They activate circulation and prevent cardiovascular diseases.
  • Contributes to balance and coordination
  • They keep us more active and with timely reactions in times of stumbling, slipping, etc.


Best Hamstring Stretches

The sit bones stretches are recommended for those who cycle. However, it is best to work hard to avoid injuries and increase power, speed, and resistance in this area of the body.

Follow this sitting bone stretching routine:

  • Stand upright, raise one leg, and support it on a firm object. Toes pointed (raised upward). He manages to make a right angle with his raised leg and the one that remains on the ground. Lean your torso forward and try to touch your leg with your jaw, always keeping your back straight. Repeat the stretch with the opposite leg.
  • With your feet slightly apart, hip-width apart, lean forward, and lean on a solid object with your elbows. Knees straight, lift your tail and arch your back to stretch your hamstrings; then swing your back forward to stretch your calves.

This stretch should be gentle at first and gradually tense.

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