CrossFit Bikes, What Are They And Which Are The Best ?

In recent times, CrossFit has become one of the most popular and famous disciplines for physical exercise. CrossFit bikes comprises a series of exercises and functional movements performed at high intensity, making it one of the most complete and effective workouts out there. So much so that this training is not only to practice by amateur athletes but also by military, police and fire departments, both to gain muscle mass and resistance and to lose fat effectively.

Of all the equipment you need to perform CrossFit, you may strike by seeing a somewhat peculiar bicycle in your training center. They are CrossFit bicycles with which the public is not familiar. It is a relatively recent novelty within the sector. Still don’t know them? Well, you are in luck, since we will talk about them in today’s post!

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CrossFit Bikes


CrossFit bikes are stationary bikes that replace the wheels with a powerful fan at the wheel’s front. Also, it has a dumbbell handlebar, similar to that of elliptical bikes, which turns the air bikes into a mix of an exercise bike, an elliptical, and a rowing machine. With this, we will work the body remarkably, both the upper and lower body. The essential characteristic that distinguishes it from conventional stationary bikes is achieving great effectiveness in cardiovascular work, burning fat, and even mass gain muscular.

The design of CrossFit bicycles is so as not to need resistance adjustments or parameter settings. The work of these innovative exercise bikes is based on the air resistance that we generate. Thanks to the aerodynamic system incorporated in the front part, we will regulate the intensity according to the force at which we pedal. The more power we apply, the more resistance will be generated, and the more it will cost us to pedal. Thus, we will graduate the intensity according to our own pedaling. Hence, air bikes adapt to the level of each user.

Although it is not essential, we recommend it to carry out a test before using these bicycles to measure the effort capacity to exercise without suffering heart or lung problems. When in doubt, consult your Crossfit instructor, personal trainer, or a qualified fitness professional?

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Some benefits offered by assault bike or air bikes are:

  • As we have already mentioned, they are a great ally to work the cardiovascular system.
  • With them, we will not only work the cardiovascular system, but we can also exercise strength and hypertrophy, depending on the intensity at which we operate.
  • They are ideal for both CrossFit training circuits and high-intensity interval training or HIIT.
  • CrossFit bikes adapt to the physical condition of each user thanks to their adjustable intensity.
  • They allow both short-term, high-intensity work and low-intensity, high-duration work.
  • Being an exercise bike, the impact we suffer when exercising is low, and therefore, we run less risk of injury.
  • Various studies link cardiovascular work and cycling, particularly with a greater capacity of the immune system and lower levels of fat and cholesterol.


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