7 Stunning Leg Exercises For Women To Do At Home

leg exercises for women
leg exercises for women

Training with a specific women’s leg routine is the easiest and most direct way to have beautiful, shapely and firm legs. And it will help you lift and firm your glutes. These are best leg exercises for women, as it suits you. It is demanding but affordable. And you can adapt it to your current state to grow as an athlete with it.


1.CLASSIC SQUATS, An leg workouts for women at gym

best leg exercises for women
classic squats

Any leg and glute routine for women at the gym or home should include squats. These work especially the quadriceps and glutes, achieving better tone, definition and firmness.

You are probably wondering how many squats to do per day to see effects. Everything points to 100 as the magic number to execute. But don’t worry if your current fitness makes it impossible to reach that number. The important thing is to start and accumulate the number of executions per training session.

Besides, in a women’s leg routine at home that includes other specific exercises for this area, it is unnecessary to obsess over that number. An excellent combination of exercises and executing them with the precise technique is the key to achieving excellent results.

To perform this exercise well, start from a standing position and with your body straight down as if you were going to sit on a low bench while squeezing your glutes. Then hold the posture for two seconds and return to the starting position, keeping your torso straight.

If your current form is very poor, do two sets of 10 squats resting for a minute between the two sets. If your fitness is already good, do four sets of 15 executions. You can set a goal of reaching 5 sets of 20 executions. But step by step and always with the perfect technique so they are effective and there is no risk of injury.


best leg workouts
Best leg workouts

The hamstrings are other muscles that should be worked within a leg routine, and this is one of the best exercises for that. To do these exercises, lie on your back and place your heels on a raised surface. If it is a routine for legs and buttocks for women in the gym, you can use a step. At home, if you don’t have one, you can use a milk drawer. Keep your knees slightly bent. Squeeze your glutes and abdomen and elevate your hips. Once raised, count 4 seconds while you hold that position. Gently return to the starting position.

Perform two sets of 10 exercises if you are training your legs. If you are looking for a very demanding leg routine for women because your fitness allows it, do not stop there. Do three sets of 18 executions.


leg workout
jump rope

Skipping rope in HIIT exercises in a women’s leg routine will help you work your legs and glutes without forgetting some upper body muscle groups. In this routine, you must jump to the maximum intensity you can for one minute and rest for 45 seconds in a row. Repeat four more times.
It is a demanding but very effective exercise. And, incidentally, it will help you improve your stamina.

4. JUMPING JACK, Simple or with an elastic band to train legs

leg exercise for women at home
leg exercise for women at home

This exercise starts from a standing posture with the body straight and the arms close to the trunk. When jumping up, you must open legs and arms at the same time, leaving the latter in the cross. Besides being ideal leg exercises for women, they also allow you to work part of the upper body and improve resistance.

Do three sets of 10 jumps, resting for a minute between sets. Does your current form allow you to be more demanding? Optimize the legs and buttocks routine for women in the gym by executing them with a rubber band or elastic band on the legs. You can also do it at home. The elastic band is a very economical and very practical element to optimize your training.

5.LUNGE, essential in a women’s leg routine

Lunge are one of the best leg exercises for women at home that allow you to work lower body muscles more effectively. To execute them with the correct technique, start from a standing position, with the hands in a jar resting on the waist and the legs slightly apart.

Take a breath and take a half step forward, in a single movement and with your trunk straight. The lead legs should be at about 90ยบ at the knee and the foot resting on the ground. The leg that is behind will be bent until almost touching the ground with the knee without actually doing it and with its foot resting on the tip.

Release the air and return to the starting position. Then repeat the exercise, but changing the leg that comes forward.

Are you a beginner? Do two sets of lunges with 10 movements per leg in each set. And resting for a minute between one series and the next. Do you want to optimize your training? For a demanding women’s leg routine, use extra weight. If you do this leg and butt routine for women in the gym, use a kettlebell or kettlebell of the weight you can safely support. If you are going to train or exercise legs at home and you do not have this element, you can use an extra weight with a safe backpack secured to the chest, and a balanced weight inside it.

6. DUMBBELLS LUNGES to exercises legs and glutes

leg exercises for women with weights
leg exercises for women with weights

Do this exercise with a dumbbell or, if you do not have it when training at home, with a liter bottle and a half-full in each hand.

Support them by standing upright and with your back straight. Bring your right leg forward and come down, supporting the knee of your left leg on the ground. The leading leg should be at a 90-degree angle. Return to the starting position and perform the lunge with the opposite leg.

Do 2 sets of 10 movements with each leg.

7. LEGS CURL, leg exercises to lose weight

leg exercises to lose weight
Leg exercises to lose weight

In the gym, you can do it with a machine, but at home, you only need something that allows you to hold your feet to perform this exercise. They mustn’t move during the performance. A base of a piece of furniture can help you. Lie face down on the floor with your abdomen and pelvis touching the floor: contract both and flex your knee without raising your pelvis.

Do 2 sets of 10 runs. If you want a more demanding exercise, use an elastic band to create more resistance in the legs.

Do this leg routine for women after warming up and following the technique of each exercise to the millimetre. It is key to its effectiveness and to minimize the risk of injury. Ideally, to exercise the body in a balanced way is that you do this routine at least twice a week, leaving work on the upper body and physical resistance for other days. And remember the importance of rest for an effective workout.

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