Best Facial Yoga Exercises To Lose Fat In Face

To rejuvenate your facial appearance, combat sagging skin, lose fat in face and prevent wrinkles appearance, you don’t need to undergo expensive and risky cosmetic treatments. Face yoga is the alternative to these to combat the signs of aging on the face. Combining facial exercises with basic care for the face’s delicate skin, such as hydration, facial cleansing, and sun protection, allows you to show a more youthful and radiant face.


face yoga exercises
Face yoga exercises

The facial yoga to rejuvenate the face’s appearance may sound very new but has a clear scientific basis. The practice of facial yoga exercises is based on the classic movements of hatha yoga. It makes the muscles of the face strengthen and relax at the same time. For this reason, it is firmer, without sagging and stretched. And small expression lines are minimized or even disappear.

In summary, it is a type of training for the facial muscles responsible for facial mimicry, and its purposes are mainly aesthetic. Performing these facial exercises daily, you will obtain visible results with a younger, firmer, smoother, glowing skin and more cared-for face.

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How to lose fat in face
  • Strengthen the facial muscles for a firmer, smoother, and sagging-free face.
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines, minimizing their depth.
  • Provide a more youthful and radiant appearance.
  • Relax the face to eliminate the signs of fatigue or tiredness visible on the face.
  • It is a natural anti-aging booster for your beauty routine and anti-aging skincare.
  • Help you feel better about yourself by seeing your face more cared for and rejuvenated.
  • Face yoga exercises will help you to lose fat in face.


The cap or the lid Begins by hugging your forehead with your hands. It exerts moderate pressure at the level of the skull’s temporal bones, which are located approximately above and behind the ears.

Then with your hands, move your ears back. You must direct the tension towards the crown as if you were stretching that area. Hold that tension for 5 seconds.

Execute this full face workout method movement five more times.

1.The Big smile

how to lose fat in face
Facial exercises to prevent wrinkles

Half-open your mouth. Starting from that facial position, make your face show a smile with slow movements. Little by little, curl your mouth so that the corners of your lips point towards the tragus of your ears. Stop the movement there and hold it in tension for 5 seconds.

Keeping the smile, widen it to make it more curved and marked. Again stop and hold that tension for 5 seconds. If you can broaden your smile, even more, do it, and once in that facial position, hold it for another 5 seconds.

Repeat this exercise five times. One of the best face yoga for forehead wrinkles.

2.The Cork

To perform this face yoga exercise to rejuvenate the face, you must start from a position with the mouth ajar, as if the lips were the letter “o.” These should cover the teeth.

Then insert your index fingers into your mouth, next to the corners of your lips. Exert pressure with your fingers to open the mouth but do not do it. Use the facial muscles to maintain the shape of the mouth. Do this for 5 seconds. Then relax your face and repeat another five times.

3.Neckroll or neck twists

neck workouts
Neck workouts

The exercises gym facial should also work to strengthen the neck and reassert his face. For the starting position, facing forward, turn your head to the right until your chin is in line with your right shoulder.

Once there, tilt your head back. Hold this pose for 7 seconds, and with gentle movements, return to the starting position. Now, execute the same movement but aligning your chin with your left shoulder. Again hold the position for 7 seconds and slowly return to the starting position.

Repeat this exercise three more times.

4.Face yoga exercises for double chin

The right elbow flexed, resting on the opposite hand and the palm of the right hand turned, placing the chin on the fingers. The impression is to hold the head from the chin with the hand. In that position, push your chin down on the fingers that hold it. Hold that pose as you take three deep breaths.

With both hands’ fingers straight, gently touch the double chin or lower part of the chin. Go alternating hands so that in each slide, you massage the area. Please do it for 15 seconds.

5.The twister or the tornado

With your mouth closed, run your tongue across the inside of your lips three times quickly to the right. Do the same but to the left.

Swallow and repeat this face yoga exercise four times.

Kiss the sky or kiss the skylit your head back gently as you look up at the sky or ceiling. Make the gesture of giving a kiss, exaggerating the gesture, and making the sound of kissing. Repeat ten times. After these repetitions, relax your face and take a deep breath. Expel the air with force, as if you were blowing a candle.

Relax your face, and repeat two more times.


facial exercises for women
Facial exercises for women
  • Do this facial exercise routine in the morning before hydrating your skin or in the evening before your nighttime beauty routine.
  • For maximum facial yoga effectiveness, do this facial yoga exercise routine to rejuvenate your skin daily for 21 days in a row. Later you can do them less frequently, three times a week.
  • Stand in front of a mirror if it is easier for you to perform each exercise correctly. You will have learned the movements in a few days, and you will no longer need it.

To keep your face young, firm, and smooth, train your neck and face muscles. Face yoga will help you lose weight in face and look younger.


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