5 Best Pilates Exercises For Beginners To Get Beefy Abs

As you well remember, we have already talked about the benefits of practicing facial yoga. Well, now we bring you the best Pilates exercises for beginners at home and its benefits. This discipline, named after its inventor, is the best way to combat the sedentary lifestyle and stress that condition our society’s style, increasingly tending to immediacy and comfort.

Pilates exercises for beginners

At the beginning of the 20th century, this visionary, Joseph Hubertus Pilates, devised hundreds of exercises routinely. The well-known Pilates postures, which combined Greek and Roman methodologies, Eastern and even animal movements, and all of this, to achieve a perfect balance between mind and body. That is, think about it, have you ever read about an exercise that guarantees you peace of mind. Control over your body and breathing and that also helps you get rid of stress, anxieties and other psychological burdens? With these basic pilates exercises, which you can do in your living room, you will begin to notice changes, physical and emotional, in your day today. Shall we start?

Doing Pilates workouts at home will allow you to achieve a perfect balance between mind and body.

5 Pilates Exercises For Beginners At Home

1.Roll up

at home pilates workouts
at home pilates workouts

It is one of the most frequent pilates exercise at home since it works very well and is not difficult to perform. Its function is to achieve more excellent stability and mobility, working and fortifying the abdomen, without losing sight of the spine’s sequence.

How to do it? It is effortless. Lie on your back, with your legs close together and straight, your arms stretched out over your head, aligned with your shoulders, and your palms facing the ceiling. You get up, with a sequential movement of the back, detaching yourself, vertebra by vertebra, from the mat and rolling forward until you are seated, with your legs fully extended.

2.Pilates push-ups

pilates workout
Pilates workout

Very easy to do and with many benefits, for a reason, it is one of the most common. You will start standing up straight and with your legs close together and then bend over, little by little, until you touch the mat with your hands. The third step would be to move, always slowly, with your hands as guides, to a plank position, and lower your chest towards the mat by bending your elbows. Once the push-up is done, you return to the original post and start over.

The advantage of this exercise is that it strengthens the upper torso and the back, which makes it an essential activity in your day today. You will feel more balanced, and you will notice how your back becomes more upright, and your arms and shoulders gain strength.

3.Rolling back

pilates exercises
Pilates exercises

There is a rolling up. There is a rolling back and, as the name itself indicates, it is about rolling, but, this time, backwards. First, you sit on the edge of the mat, with your legs together and your knees bent towards your chest. The hands should be holding the ankles and these, in turn, should be as close as possible to the buttocks. Now, with your elbows bent and your chin close to your chest, start rolling backwards, inhaling until you try to reach the area of ​​the scapulae (don’t worry, it will most likely cost you first, but little by little you will gain flexibility) and then, exhaling, return to the original position.

It is one of the most comfortable and most practical exercises to do at home because, not only does it help your balance, but it also massages your back, not for nothing is it one of the most effective Pilates exercises for the end. Remember, as always, to be well concentrated and, above all, to control the breathing sequence well.

4.The saw

pilates for beginners
Pilates for beginners

The following exercise requires a little more effort, but at the same time, it is one of the most beneficial. At first, it may be more complicated than it is because it impresses, but once you get down to work, you will see that it is not complicated to do. First of all, you should know that it is an exercise in which you will rotate your spine. So you have to pay close attention and do it carefully and, above all, do it well. You will work your hips, the hamstrings and, of course, you will notice your center more balanced and strengthened.

It would help if you were sitting on the sit bones with your legs spread apart, more than the width of your hips, your feet flexed and your arms crossed. Turn the trunk, inhale before, to the right, without moving the hips, and then, exhale and bend forward. Meanwhile, pull the navel towards the spine and lengthen the arms in opposition, aligned with the shoulders, one towards the left little finger and the other back and with the palm facing the ceiling. Then, inhale and slowly return to the starting position and repeat the process.

5.The scissors

pilates core training
Pilates core training

One of the favourites to do at home and one of the most beneficial and comforting Pilates postures. Because it involves areas of the body that are very important for this discipline: legs, spine and abdomen. Of course, you should do it when you have already acquired a little more experience because it requires a lot of concentration and discipline. And how will it benefit you? It will guarantee you greater flexibility in your legs and hips, greater control over the abdominal area. It will improve your posture and balance in general, by working the muscles that surround the vertebrae. Sounds great right? Well, to the mess!

Lying on the mat, you stretch your legs up to a 90-degree angle. Afterwards, you take your spine off the mat a bit and, in that position, with excellent control of the abdominal area, hug one of your legs and bring it towards you. While the other returns to the original work, lying down and stretched out on the mat. You hold that position for a second or two, proceed to the change of leg and so on, up to about ten repetitions.

So far, the top 5 Pilates exercises for beginners at home. As you can see, these are easy exercises to perform, and all you need is a mat to perform them optimally without hurting yourself. If you want to know and you liked this article, leave a comment!


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