Charge Your Full Body In 5 Minute With Intense Workout

With today’s schedules, it isn’t easy to find a space to workout, maintain activity, and care for our bodies. On this occasion, we present 5 minute full body workout that may only be three movements, but you will feel how your whole body feels it; arms, abs, belly, and lower.

5 minute full body workout

Steps to follow:

Set a timer for 5 minutes and do as many sets as you can, cycling through the three easy workouts that we will explain below. Move fast, but keep the correct form, keeping your abs in tension the entire time. Above all, it is essential to maintain order and don’t stop moving!

Easy exercises to perform :

– 5 push-ups

– 10 V Crunch

– 15 Squat Jumps


five minute workout
Five minute workout

Push-ups are the most common and simple exercises to perform, perfect for toning arms and upper back.

  • Keep your back straight, as if you were a plank. Standoff the floor with your arms straight but keeping your hands just below your shoulders.
  • Breathe in, and as you exhale, slowly bend your elbows to the sides, bringing your chest closer to the ground. Stop as soon as you feel your shoulders and elbows are aligned. Breathe again to stretch your arms also and return to the starting position to complete one rep.
  • If it’s too complicated, do the exercise with your knees on the ground.
  • Complete all five reps.

V Crunch

five minute full body workout
5 minute full body workout

It is one of the most complete and easy exercises for the abdomen to do since it works the abdominal and trunk in equal parts and the extremities.

  • Rest on your back and extend your legs and arms to develop, pointing to the ceiling. Stretch your back away from the ground, trying to reach your feet with your hands.
  • Bring your legs towards the ground while you stretch your arms upwards, getting your abs to be in tension, and your bottom and buttocks are in charge of supporting the entire weight of your body.
  • Repeat this exercise to complete one rep.
  • Complete all ten reps.

Jump squats

5 minute ab workout
5 minute ab workout

Squats are one of the best exercises to do at home. Additionally, it enters between the activities for the abdomen and trunk. How

  • Stand tall with your feet parallel facing forward, shoulders back, and back straight.
  • Simulate doing the normal squat movement in the middle of the process; then, tense your belly, jump quickly and explosively with your arms stretched up after a curving activity, and avoid bending your elbows.
  • When you land, lower your body into the original squat position to complete one rep. Try to land as quietly as possible. It will exercise your control.
  • Complete 15 more reps.

This way, you will see how you get to exercise daily.  It is essential to clarify that the increase in performance depends on the number of cycles you complete in 5 minutes since its effectiveness consists of the relationship between speed and intensity. However, do not get confused. It is better to do five repetitions in a minute well done than 20 poorly done to bring more than injuries and threatening gestures. To avoid useless exercise, it is better to start small and, over time, increase as the body allows.

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With these short but intense 5 minute workout, we guarantee a complete full body workout for beginners that will put your stamina and endurance to the test. Not everyone has time to spend an afternoon at the gym. Still, these 5 minutes to invest in exercises at home will fit at any time on your calendar, no matter how tight you are.

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