Top 4 Ways To improve your athletic performance?

Many people walk around the fitness room or doing classes and do not take 100% of the opportunity before them. They are not performing adequately during their workouts. Surely you have ever wondered what can I do? Do I train enough? Should I train more? How many times should I go to the gym? See if I can give you a cable. I bring you some tips to get the most out of the time you dedicate to your workouts. Best ways to improve your athletic performance.

Ways to improve athletic performance

Tip # 1: Less time but at the right intensity and performance

athletic performance

Sometimes we think, “the longer I train the better “because this is a mistake. It has happened to all of us, going to the gym with extra motivation and wanting to do all the classes in the afternoon. I all like them or think that because I have not been to the gym or have not trained in a few days, “I better do everything to recover what I have not done.” For example, first a Bodycombat and then a bike class, or the other way around. This is a fairly common mistake. The two sessions will bring you a similar benefit, in this case, cardiovascular. But most importantly, both are designed so that you take advantage of 100% training and achieve excellent athletic performance.

It is much more recommended for your body that you do one of the two since you will avoid joint, tendon, or ligamentous overloads. You will recover much better, and the next day you will be able to give 100% again in the next training session.

Tip # 2: Not training at the same intensity every day improves your performance

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Our body is wise and knows how to adapt quickly to the stimuli we give it. For this reason, your workouts must be structured and designed so that there are phases of loading, recovery and super-compensation.

A clear example is when someone starts to run. At first, I run a little and slow. As the days go by, I begin to run faster and longer until a limit is reached. So I usually always run at the same speed and at the same time because you think, “if I go slower or run less, I will lose physical shape or lower my mark.” This is an example, but we could apply it to any other training, weights, swimming, cycling. It is another grave mistake. The training sessions of any sport must have a schedule to achieve progress in each training session.

If you are looking to improve your discipline and have more excellent athletic performance, look for a personal trainer to help you plan the loads, you will be surprised by what you will achieve.

Tip # 3: Training Days

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Here are several versions. If what you are looking for is to maintain a regular physical shape, do some sport and stay active, 3 or 4 times a week is enough. That is, take a day off between workouts. If you are a person who likes to do sports, and training is part of your daily habit, then train every day. In this case, what I recommend is that you organize your workouts. In this way, some are load training, and others are active recovery. Use classes like Bodybalance or Yoga to train your mobility and posture. You can also swap one of the workouts for a 30/45 ′ light walk/run followed by mobility work and stretching. These two options will help you to be fresher in your next training and achieve higher performance.

Tip # 4: Forget your mobile to have better athletic performance

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I know it is difficult, we carry our mobile with us all day, we use it to work, and it is a leisure tool since with your music you train more motivated. My recommendation is when you train, put it in airplane mode. Dedicate the training time to training. Don’t be charmed. Have in your head the action plan of the activity that you will do that day. If you are in a directed class, disconnect from your outside world and live the group’s experience. You will see that you will achieve more excellent performance since you will spend less time, train better and have extra time after your training to reconnect to your social networks.

Make the most of your time and have better results with these four tips to improve your athletic performance.

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