The Best 9 Upper and Lower Body Workouts Plan

upper and lower body workouts
upper and lower body workouts

When you want to perform upper and lower body workouts, it is necessary to carry out the ideal movements and strategies according to the muscle group required to benefit. Being specific with the area will be essential to obtain an effective result in the shortest possible time. For example, when people want an upper and lower body workout plan, the routine will need to respond efficiently to these areas of the body.

At Healthcare Blog, we know the importance of having the ideal training plan, so we will tell you everything you need to know about choosing the ideal routine according to your goals. It is common for people in fitness centres to add routines that benefit both upper and lower body workouts, subdivided according to each muscle group, also known as Weider routines.

Upper body workout for beginners

upper body workout for beginners
upper body workout for beginners

In the case of wanting to perform a workout for the upper body, it will be essential to condition each of the muscles that make up this area. These parts of the body are characterized by:


This muscle is located in the upper arm and consists of two portions, a short and a long, precisely where its name comes from. This could be one of the most famous muscles in the body since it allows us to perform elbow flexions and supinate the forearm. It is advisable to strengthen it in the company of the triceps because, in this way, you can create an attractive and strong appearance in the arms.

To exercise the area described above, it will be necessary to implement exercises on the pulley machine due to its versatility or the Bodytone compact. Both are tools that use assistance due to their structure, so they give good results and an excellent experience.


In this case, it will be necessary to focus on the deltoid muscle, which has a triangular shape and extends to the shoulder blade and clavicle. This is a part of the body that we should not neglect because it provides great mobility. To work it, you can use dumbbell presses or openings.


This body area can be considered half of the human being, so it is also known as the upper or lower body. In this case, it will be essential to perform exercises such as sit-ups, especially if the intention is to achieve those distinctive squares of good physical work.


It is the largest muscle in the arm and comprises three heads called the internal vastus, the vastus, and the long head. As we mentioned before, this is the antagonist of the biceps, so it is essential to condition both equally if you want to obtain that beautiful symmetrical appearance.

To achieve this, performing parallel dips or with the pulley machine is recommended, which provides a great variability of exercises effectively. In addition to the sectors described above, there are also the back and chest, that you can exercise.

Lower body workouts at home

lower body workouts
lower body workouts

On the other hand, if you want to do workouts for the lower body, it will be essential to know which are the muscles that compose it and how to perform exercises that benefit this area; among them are:


Did you know that this is one of the most powerful muscles of the human being and the most important for those who do sports like soccer? Although it brings with it great distinction according to the aforementioned, training is simple, since, with a good variation of squats or extensions with mini bands, it will be enough.


These are located oppositely in the quadriceps since they are in the back of the thigh. Thanks to them, it is possible to bend the knees and extend the hips. To train them, various methods such as hip elevation, polymetric exercises, among others, can be carried out.

Anterior tibia

It is the area before the leg, just below the knee, which can cushion the weight in falls and allows people to perform lifts with the tip of the feet. This is precisely how it can be trained, under the lifting of weight on the tip of the feet, achieving a strengthening and resistance of the muscle.

Calf and soleus

Also known as the outer and inner calf, they are of great importance to the human body. In short, I could say that these muscles allow you to push against the ground, in addition to absorbing the impact when walking, running, or jumping. It will be necessary to opt for exercises such as rope jumps, calf raises, weight lifting, toe squats, among others, to strengthen them


This muscle is made up of the major, middle, and minor glutes, which generate hip extension, stabilization of the spine, power, and strength in the pelvic region. In short, it is much more than an area that provides curves to the body. There are several important exercises such as deadlifts, jump squats, lunges, or lunges for glute training, among others.

If you comply with the upper and lower body workouts plan described above, you will get the results you want in the shortest possible time. In addition, it is crucial to stock up on suitable machinery or tools for their proper implementation. You can check here for pre and post-workout stretches.

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