Drop The Extra Kilos, Return To Healthy Routine For A Day

Despite being aware of a healthy life and intend to have a healthy routine for a day. We are noticing the excesses committed during the lockdown and you might wonder how to lose the extra kilos.

Let’s point out that, if you lead an active lifestyle and with some control of what we eat, there is no reason to regret about extra kilos.

So, let’s get down to work as soon as possible to regain good habits!

1.Take care of your diet, more real food and less industrial

healthy routine for a day
Healthy routine for a day
  • Our diet should be based mainly on vegetables, fruits and vegetables. They are nutritious and less in calories.
  • In each meal we make them present and we will cook them preferably steamed – since they lose fewer nutrients.
  • Although baked or cooked would also be valid options.
  • It would also be interesting to banish the myth that fruit makes you fat. Remember that the sugar that fruit contains has no negative effect on our health.
  • Of course, preferably we will eat it whole – it will provide us with more satiety, fiber, vitamins and minerals. We will avoid juices or smoothies, in which case the sugar is released and it can be harmful.
  • To this food base made up of vegetables, we will add quality protein that cannot be lacking in any balanced diet.
  • Protein is basic in the structure of muscles, nails or hair and we can find it in foods such as lean turkey, chicken, white or bluefish – with a great contribution in omega 3, especially the latter – or eggs, which are great options.
  • It is convenient to alternate the protein with vegetable options such as legumes (lentils, chickpeas, beans or tofu).
  • Healthy fat has to play an important role in our diet since, oddly enough because of the bad reputation it has, it is beneficial for health and is even related to greater effectiveness in weight loss diets.
  • We can incorporate it through foods such as extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, bluefish, avocado.
  • Finally, we will complete our diet with a contribution of whole grains. Wheat, rice, buckwheat, or quinoa are good options.
  • Thus, we will try to avoid: processed meats, industrial fish, industrial sauces, soft drinks, alcohol, pastries. And other ultra-processed, with harmful health effects.
  • Move on!

2.Workout is too necessary

healthy morning routine
Healthy morning routine
  • Physical exercise cannot be absent from your healthy morning routine for a day. Going to the gym can be a great option to burn calories, get rid of stress and get into good shape. In its facilities, we will have the possibility of doing aerobic and strength exercises and endless directed activities.
  • With the help of a physical activity technician or personal trainer, you can personalize your workouts and lose those extra pounds. Also, some supplements can help with weight management and fat burning.
  • But remember that there is life beyond the gym, and any option that involves movement will be valid to improve our physical condition. Exercising at home, running, dancing, playing team sports, going on a hike, or riding a bike are other options that you can incorporate into your routine.
  • We can also move more with daily actions such as climbing the stairs of the subway or home, going down a couple of stops before the bus or parking the car further away, for example: The key is to avoid being sedentary so as long as it involves movement. Any option is good!

3.Hydrate properly

  • Remember that approximately ¾ parts of the human body are made up of water. Drinking water as your main drink is a decision that will bring many benefits to your body. We can also add ice and flavor it with citrus fruits such as lemon or orange to give it a touch of flavor.
  • Other healthy drink options are herbal teas. There are many types: tea (red, black or green), rooibos, chamomile etc. The variety is very wide and each one gives you different properties.
  • We will also try to reduce the consumption of sugary soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, since, apart from providing us with a large number of empty calories, the abuse of them can have dire consequences on our health.
  • Proper hydration is essential for the body to have vitality and stay in an optimal state

4.Get adequate rest

best daily routine for healthy life
Best daily routine for healthy life
  • It is important to respect the light-dark cycles and adjust the biological clock for a better quality of sleep and better rest. This means going to sleep when it is night and being awake when it is the day. It seems simple but we do not always fulfil it. We should sleep about 7-8 hours to properly replenish the body.
  • Avoiding screens 1 hour before going to bed, reading or relaxing infusions can be good allies when it comes to falling asleep and giving the body the well-deserved rest it needs.
  • Rest is essential to perform better in our day today. They are the little vacations that we can give the body during the day.

It is never late to start. So, Gear up to be fit and healthy. Follow this best daily routine for healthy life you will really get result in few weeks.

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