What Are The Causes Of Sudden Hair Fall

Hair loss is something normal part of the hair growth process since it is renewed. Some people, men, women, or children, may experience excessive hair loss, which can occur in different degrees, as it may range from mild hair loss to alopecia or baldness. This excessive hair loss can be determined by various reasons, depending on each case. In the following article, what are the causes of sudden hair fall and the factors related to this condition?

causes of sudden hair fall
causes of sudden hair fall

7 Causes of Sudden Hair Fall

1. In many cases, especially in men, one of the sudden hair fall reasons in male is genetics and hereditary patterns. Many young males suffer from androgenic alopecia. A condition in which partial or total hair loss. In addition to the hereditary tendency, it may also be due to hormones that control the hair follicle and the aging.

2. In women, this condition is not as expected. Still, if there is a case of female pattern baldness, the hair tends to become more acceptable and less abundant on the entire scalp or the crown. However, total hair loss is not very common as it can happen in men. The so-called alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disease that affects the hair follicles. It can be another cause of excessive hair loss. In this case, hair loss occurs in clumps, causing hairless areas to remain. Although very rare, when this condition causes total hair loss, it is known as ‘alopecia totals.

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3. Stress or going through complicated situations and unpleasant emotional states are frequent hair loss causes. In fact, after a few months, many patients who have experienced a long-term, severe illness or significant surgery experience sudden large amounts of hair loss. This condition is usually temporary, but if you notice that it is prolonged, you should see your doctor for an examination.

causes of sudden hair loss in young males
causes of sudden hair loss in young males

4. Hormonal disorders and certain diseases harm hair growth and cause excessive hair loss. An example of this is thyroid diseases such as hypothyroidism, making hair weaker and more brittle. Patients with diabetes, anemia, severe nutritional deficiencies, or women with heavy and irregular menstrual periods may also experience increased hair loss.

5. Certain medications and powerful medical treatments have side effects, including hair loss. For example, for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy since, in addition to radiation, the medicine that is administered inhibits the growth of cells and tissues, including human hair.

6. The abuse of chemical hair products such as lacquers, foams, gels, etc. It affects the scalp, making it increasingly oily and, in the long term, significantly weakening the hair fibers and causing excessive hair loss.

7. Lastly, hair conditions such as seborrhea, dandruff, or severe dryness of the hair can cause hair loss, so it is advisable to treat them quickly and appropriately. Here we leave you a link to the best products to fight against hair loss.

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