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What Causes Stiff Muscles And How To Combat It ?

stiff muscles and joints
stiff muscles and joints

If this morning it hurts to sneeze (stiff muscles), it’s because you were training hard yesterday. I’m wrong? Perhaps you were more inspired than usual, and after staring at the chest machine, you couldn’t help but accept the challenge. Unfortunately, today you are paying the consequences. The truth is that, although they can be very annoying, soreness is the inescapable sign of a well-done workout. For that, you have to congratulate yourself for having worked hard. But how to remove Holes?

It is indeed impossible to eliminate holes, but knowing what they are, how to avoid them and learning to recover is, without a doubt, the first step to minimize their impact. Today we bring you the definitive guide to combat muscle pain after an extreme workout. Take note!

What are holes?

If you notice that your muscles are torn, it is normal. Holes result from small tears that occur in the muscle fibers. This break may be due to the fibers being weak. The muscle is untrained and cannot assimilate that level of work. They can also appear because it subjects the muscle to a level of exercise much higher than it can withstand. The pain is caused by the breakage of weak muscle fibers. Those that remain as survivors are the strongest, so the stiffness is part of the muscle growth process.

Stiff muscles remedy

Stiff muscles remedy

If you are not yet suffering from stiff muscles but you want to prevent its appearance, the best thing you can do is develop a training plan in which you plan the intensity of your efforts gradually. If you haven’t been doing sports for a long time, you have to start with light workouts. Imagine that, for example, your idea is to prepare for a race. You have to start with a short duration, low-intensity workouts. Try Monday and Wednesday with 20 minutes of continuous running. Rest the rest of the week and start the following Monday adding more time and speed.

Get well!

Once they appear, no matter how much you wonder how to remove the holes, it is impossible to do completely. The only thing you can do is to ensure a quick and pleasant recovery and for that, the best way to combat soreness is by exercising more. Although it seems impossible, sport is the only thing that can save you from suffering. If you keep training, you will get your muscles to get used to a high level of demand faster and your fibers to be increasingly resistant. It is very important that, when you finish, you do not forget to stretch. Besides, there are also complementary solutions that, surely, seem less aggressive, such as drinking water with lemon.
Stretching is the best way to achieve a quick and non-aggressive recovery. We highly recommend it to do them even before the holes appear. Today, we present you 3 stretches to reduce your sore muscles quickly. Ideally, do them after 10 minutes of intense cardio.

How to remove holes or reduce their discomfort?

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