New Part of the Brain Discovered (SLYM)

University Of Copenhagen The new study comes from the labs of Maiken Nedergaard identified a new layer of tissue in Brain.

SLYM That anatomical structure in the brain called SLYM (Subarachnoidal LYmphatic-like Membrane).

SLYM Subarachnoidal LYmphatic-like Membrane is a type of membrane called mesothelium

SLYM Location This Newly Discovered Layer Seprates arachnoid layer into Two Compartments.

Labs of Maiken Nedergaard said That new discovered layer segregates and helps control the flow of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).

Transport and Remove With CSF it helps in transporting and Removing the waste from the Brain.

Immune Defence That new layer (SLYM) of Brain also Supports the Immune defence system.